When you come over to our house (unannounced and I’ve not had time to clean and hide all our crap in a cupboard) you’ll probably find a collection of various beer and cider bottles and cans waiting patiently to be recycled. Rather than give them to the bin man to do my dirty work for me, I thought I’d recycle my cans in a different way. These vases are so easy to make and look great dotted around the house.


You will need


spray paint

covering for your work surface / a well ventilated area



I’m not sure if flowers can get drunk or not but you should make sure your cans are clean and beer-free, just in case. Next, outside or in a well ventilated area, spray your cans evenly. Allow to dry and repeat if necessary so you get a nice, even colour. You can paint the cans as they are or give them a little squeeze to create nice angles and a crushed look.


Once dry, fill your vases with water and add your flowers. Easy! You get to drink beer and then look at pretty flowers afterwards.