Some would say I have too many plants in my home. I say ‘not enough!’. I wanted to make something to cheer the fridge up. Our living / kitchen area is open plan so since we have to see our fridge every day from the living area, we might as well make it nice to look at. Having the plants on the fridge is great if you’re short on space or surfaces and also if you have pets / small children and want to keep your plants out of reach. It’s also a good way to re-use old cans and packaging.


You will need

Metal / plastic containers

Spray paint

Plants & potting soil

Ferrite / Refrigerator magnets

Hot glue gun



Clean your containers, ready for painting. I used a range of metal tins and sturdy plastic containers. In a well ventilated area, spray the containers your chosen colour(s) and leave to dry.


Once everything is dry, heat up the glue gun and start sticking magnets to the back of each container. Depending on how large / heavy the containers are and will be with soil / plants inside, you may have to glue more than one magnet to your container. I recommend buying a range of magnet sizes to ensure each container will hold securely to the fridge.



When the glue has dried and the magnets are stuck securely, it’s time to pot the plants and then arrange on the fridge. I’ve chosen a mix of cacti, succulents and ferns but I’m thinking about how good a fridge mini herb garden would be!