A Plant Pot For Your Valentine


Valentine’s day is kind of a scam, huh? Spending all that money on cards, flowers, chocolates, and fancy dinners to show someone that you care about them. You can show them you care for free, and not just on one day a year. I’ve always liked the idea of making gifts to exchange on Valentine’s day, and any other day really! I love receiving plants as a gift (obviously) and the idea that you’ll have that plant for years to come and it’ll always remind you of the person that gave it to you. Of course, if that wilting, dried up fern in the corner is constantly reminding you of your a-hole ex, you have my permission to throw that plant out the window. This is a really simple DIY to make a lovey dovey plant pot to house a special plant, cactus or herb for your sweetheart. Or, make one just for yourself!


You will need

plant pot (mine are terracotta pots from IKEA)

paint (I’ve used red and white matt emulsion tester pots from Valspar)

sticky back plastic / removeable vinyl (I sourced mine from eBay)



craft knife / scissors

heart shape template



First, cut out or use an existing heart shape to make your template. I made mine by folding some card in half and cutting out a heart shape but you can draw around an existing heart you have or trace one. Next, draw around your heart template onto your removable vinyl. Make sure you cut your piece of vinyl so it’s big enough to fit the heart and that there’s around 1-2cm space around it. This means you’ll have plenty of room to paint. Using a sharp craft knife, cut out the heart.


Now, stick the vinyl onto your plant pot. I chose vinyl because it gives a really clean painted edge but you can also use masking tape instead if you want.


Now it’s time to paint! The matt paint works really well with the terracotta but if you’re using a gloss ceramic pot or other you might want to use paints that are specific to your chosen surface to make sure it wears well. Once dry, you can remove the vinyl giving you a (hopefully) perfect heart shape.


You can also try an inverted version of this by using the heart shape that you cut out as the template and paint around it.


Now it’s time to pop some nice greenery into your pot and give to your special someone.





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