I came across these copper rings for making dreamcatchers on eBay while I was searching for some craft supplies. I don’t know what you think of dreamcatchers. I love them. Maybe not those ones you see down the market that have a wolf embroidered in the middle of it and a million feathers, but there are some beautiful, modern interpretations out there at the minute and I want all of them.


You will need

Copper ring(s) (I got mine here)

Yarn or wool


Ruler or straight edge



Take your yarn and cut lengths of approx. 225cm. You can make your wall hanging as wide or narrow as you like. Cut 10 lengths to begin with and then see if you want to add more. I made mine pretty wide and used 40 lengths. My yarn was also very thick as I wanted a full, textured look. I’d like to try this with some very thin, silky embroidery yarn.


Take your hoop and a length of yarn. Fold your length in half and place the hoop on top of the loop. You can do this project with the hoop lying flat on a table but I found it easier to have it hanging up. I hooked it over the handles of my kitchen cabinet!


Take the other end of your folded yarn and feed it through the loop.


Tighten your knot and repeat.


Keep going, adding as many more lengths as you like. To make the wall hanging nice and thick, bunch your knots together so they’re very close around the loop, leaving no gaps.


When you’re finished adding lengths, smooth down your yarn and gently brush through with your fingers to make sure they’re sitting nice and straight. Using a ruler or straight edge as a guide, trim the wall hanging to your desired length. I’ve cut mine in a slightly pointed shape but a straight edge looks great too!

I’ve added a smaller hoop into my display by simply hanging it on the same nail as the wall hanging. Have fun! It’s a really simple project and if you try it, let me know how you get on. I’d love to see your results!